Here at InConsulting Inc., we provide exceptional temporary IT staff as well as direct hire. We serve expanding corporations, start-ups, nonprofits, industry, and more. When you choose to take advantage of our IT staffing services, you gain access to our diverse pool of highly-trained IT professionals. And more so, we work to make sure that there’s a perfect match between our job seekers and your business. We understand how important it is for all parties involved to find a position that works. Our Seattle-based IT consulting firm is ready to connect you to the talent your need to be successful in our modern world. Get started today.

Here’s a few of the things our IT techs can do for you:

  • • Software development
  • • Web/Mobile development
  • • Data Science and predictive analysis
  • • Cloud-based services development
  • • Provide technical support

Don’t just fill a position. Build a more profitable business.


When you hire our trained techs, you can be confident you’re adding team members that are tuned-up and ready to hit the ground running. No downtime!


Number of tech positions we’ve filled with women & minorities at leading companies.

35% more

Source: McKinsey

A diverse workforce makes you 35% more likely to outperform your competition.


Source: Diversity Best Practices

Inclusive teams produce results at a rate 6 times higher than homogenous teams.

IT Staffing

Every business owner knows that the secret to success lies in the quality and commitment of their employees. Here at InConsulting Inc. in Seattle, the secret to our success as an IT staffing service provider is our commitment to excellence and diversity. We’re not only focused on finding you the best person for the job, we’ve also cultivated an incredibly diverse pool of talent.

More so, we grow and train our IT techs through our partner company, Kal Academy, where the students learn the skills they need to hit the ground running. Not only do we thoroughly vet each candidate in our IT staffing pool, we also know the exact qualifications and skills an applicant has if they’ve graduated from a Kal Academy bootcamp. By having a hand in every step in the process, we can guarantee that you’ll be adding highly-trained IT professionals to your team!

We serve both startups and Fortune 500 companies — and everything in between. We fill positions for developers, engineers, designers, developers, and techs. Learn more and contact us today to get started.

Business moves at the speed of tech.
Don’t fall behind.

Large-scale or short-term projects …
Strategic leadership or execution, or both …
For day-one startups and well established businesses …

Here’s what our consultants can do for you:

Diversity Works

Find the tech talent you’ve been looking for.

Our diverse pool of IT professionals comes from all over the globe. But these women share one trait in common: a passion for software engineering. Many have received intensive, industry-best training at Kal Academy — recognized in the global tech community for turning out exceedingly professional, creative, and prepared software developers.

Want a stronger team? We have the perfect fit.


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