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Solving IT Problems For Innovative Companies Around The World for a decade. As one of the world’s leading IT and tech consulting companies, our mission is to place our diverse team of consultants with some of the world’s greatest companies to help transform them into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves.



We specialize in finding great talent with diverse backgrounds, training them, and helping them flourish in today’s technology field. Our candidates come from all walks of life and from every industry. Doctors, chemists, recruiters, lab professionals, and full-time moms have all gone through our training, forging a successful path in tech consulting. In the last two years alone, we’ve placed 500+ women and people of color in high-paying IT consulting jobs. Join our team and become our next success story.

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When It Comes To Your Tech Needs, We’ve Got You Covered

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Data is your most valuable asset. We can help you realize its full potential by automating and managing tasks without human input.

AR / VR Development

AR/VR Development

Grow your customer base and audience with our Virtual and Augmented Reality services that bring out the full potential of your product/services.

Software Development

Looking to increase your business efficiencies or functionality? Let our tech experts develop the key frameworks, applications and tools you need to succeed.

Cloud Development

Cloud-Based Solutions

Unparalled cloud consulting services for cloud migration, cloud-native development, and cloud optimization.

Web Development

Website Development

Increase your online presence and grow business with high performing scalable web application built by our top rated consultants.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Experienced consultants to help design, develop, deploy, and manage Android and iOS applications for your business.

IoT Development

IoT Development

Partner with our world-class experienced IoT consultants and build your next project on time and with quality.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The right AI processes can add a steady stream of profit to your bottom line. Companies turn to our consultants to harness the power of AI to run complicated strategies, optimize existing processes, and help provide a better experience for customers.

"I had the pleasure of working with InConsulting Inc., on the website creation for my small business. Without InConsulting Inc, dedication and commitment to making my Wishlist a reality, my website wouldn’t be up and running as efficiently as it is today. They took the time to listen to what I needed without judgement or hesitation. Every bullet point was checked off, every email was answered."

"We are so glad to have found InConsulting Inc as they truly understood our ideas, formed a team of talented professionals and because of them we have an amazing, one of a kind solution that no other EDI company does in the World today. It’s so beautiful seeing my vision working."

"InConsulting Inc., is a great company to work with! They are knowledgeable and efficient. I was completely confused to some of the changes in policies since I last worked with an outsourcing agency. They were able to walk me through all the new processes and help me on board a great resource in a short amount of time. Their patience and professionalism went above and beyond. I would not hesitate to work them again or highly recommend them to anyone needing their services."



“One of the best place to work.”

Management is very professional and organized. I worked here after some years gap in my career. They helped me to regain the confidence and brought me up-to-date with current technology trend. I would recommend anyone (especially to women) to give them a try.

“Empowering women in the field of Tech”

The team is really approachable and friendly. For me, I got to work on different range of the projects, starting from a single client to mid sized client projects. During each project, the management used to sync with me and give feedback and help with my soft skills for dealing with the clients. Overall, I got a different learning experiences in terms of technology, teamwork and exposure while working here. And the most important part is the management cares about the employees.

“This is a GREAT Company to work for!!!”

Fantastic staff and a company that truly cares about their employees! As the company is family owned and managed, it feels like you are with family when you are at work. Very flexible work environment, with the ability to work remotely as needed. The company also aspires and guides for career advancement of every employee.

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We are passionate about connecting forward-looking companies with the most qualified women and underrepresented minorities in tech today. We look forward to hearing from you!