Major companies like these come to us for experienced, diverse techs:

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Our pool of consultants and direct-hire job candidates is diverse, female-focused, and among the most qualified in the industry. InConsulting, Inc. is today’s go-to source for companies who are looking for personnel and IT solutions to help them rapidly adjust to the digital world, and become more productive.

When it comes to your tech needs, we’ve got you covered:

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What you get with

  • A talented stable of well-trained, diverse techsperts ready to contribute and make a difference on day one.
  • Strategic consulting services that provide custom, real-world solutions across key areas like software development, AI, cloud-based solutions, AR/VR, and mobile development training.
  • Targeted employee training that bridges the gap between your team’s current skills and what’s needed to leap past your competition.
  • The power of diversity to boost your bottom line! Companies with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to outperform those without inclusive teams.

What you get with the
other guy

  • Shaky new hires that need a lot of ramp-up time and extra hand-holding
  • Complicated recommendations that you’ll have to implement — but won’t —because you don’t have the time or resources.
  • General, one-size-fits-all training that doesn’t always take into account your company’s goals and metrics.
  • Status quo. The same old thinking that won’t help position your company to reach new markets and increase your profits.
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We deliver real results

Our clients come to us with problems. We turn those
problems into success stories.

  • When an international electronics business needed new software to complete EDI exchanges in seconds — not days — they turned to us. Our solution led to a patent and a ton of new international customers for our client.

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  • What happens when a Long Island bakery that services hotels, diners, and other large chains has a server crash … on Thanksgiving? It was InConsulting Inc. to the rescue. We got them up and running in time for dessert.

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  • Action! When 20th Century Fox needed a very specific fix to a movie zoom problem, we opened up our web, JavaScript, and 3D skills toolkit to deliver a seamless, cloud-based solution.

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