Cloud Development

Harness the power of cloud. Our team of experts create secure, scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant cloud based solutions to meet your business needs.

We Know What Works

Cloud computing is the transmission of system resources via the cloud, such as data warehousing, processing power, databases, networking, analytics, artificial intelligence, and software applications. Cloud computing accounts for 67% of corporate infrastructure. Furthermore, 82 percent of the workload will be hosted in the cloud.


With our highly trained staff, InConsulting Inc aims at the most efficient transition and adoption of cloud computing from the existing on-premise solution. Our team ensures a smooth transition through a well-developed three-step process of cloud migration, cloud-native development, and optimization of the cloud resources.


Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration model is a comprehensive plan that we use to migrate a current organizational on-premises and co-located application workloads and data onto the cloud. Our model assesses workloads for migration, determines the best migration approach for each workload, creates a pilot, tests it, and adjusts the strategy depending on the results established. We document all this process to help us as a guide in case of a rollback. We strive to develop a seamless migration process without affecting application availability as well as its day-to-day use.

Cloud-native Development

Our qualified team will create a cloud-native solution that will deliver a sustainable, competitive, and autonomous business process across private, public, and hybrid clouds. We urge businesses to use cloud computing to improve their apps and storage performance and reliability.


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