Mobile Development

We at InConsulting Inc acknowledge the role played by mobile phones, especially smartphones, in the global market. Approximately 6.67 billion people Worldwide own smartphones, representing over 83% of the world’s population. Therefore, there is need for businesses  to leverage on this digital-enabled population to grow their business.

We know what works

We help every business, small or large, establish a bridge with the customers by developing critical mobile applications in both IOS and Android platforms that will ensure the following targets are met:


  • Establish a new customer engagement and loyalty hence improving the return on revenue.
  • Create platforms that will enable employees to work from remote locations, thus saving commuting time, and improve their productivity.
  • Establish mobile presence and increase brand awareness.

Our experienced consultants will assure the development of a customized application that adapts to your business needs and is available on both android and IOS platforms. We will ensure that the application is built using a common framework that can be reusable across both operating systems. We will build the end to end application stack, ensure it is tested on multiple form factors and will help deploy the apps to the respective app stores.

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